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projekt3drei | Project Art | Call for Entries 2022



Clarity is a basic human need.


Our global path to digitization currently requires an enormous information density. This results in an equally enormous acceleration of all areas of life.

But the simultaneity of this forced change and activity causes on the one hand a pause, a standstill or even a state of shock and leaves us confused. On the other hand, they are an appeal to reason to break out and embark on a new global path.

We usually perceive such situations as chaotic and unsettling, even threatening. The unordered, undirected jumble of information, recommendations or even constraints is difficult to endure. It calls for direction, for an opinion and for decisions. At the same time, the examination of familiar beliefs and convictions becomes necessary.

But which areas are affected and how does one realign?

This sets personal and collective movements in motion. The greater the external scope for action, the clearer the inner urge to orientate oneself, to reassure oneself and to search for fundamental anchors.

What techniques to achieve this do we humans have from birth, and which are culturally inherited?

What is "right"? Does the HOW also specify the WHERE?

What needs to stop, what needs to be ended? What is ending? What should become new, which new paths can we imagine, which paths could we take?

Like every year since the foundation of projekt3drei in 2014, the artists of projekt3drei are presenting a theme to which photographers can submit works. And as always, free associations are not only allowed but explicitly desired.


Submissions from June 01 to June 15, 2022  (24:00)

Number of submitted photographs: One photo can be submitted.

Image files only in horizontal format with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 px,  aspect ratio 16 : 9

file format:  JPEG,  resolution 72 dpi.

A declaration of consent must be available for persons depicted.

The exhibition will be judged.


Send photos by mail to: kontakt@projekt3drei.com


The selected works, embedded in an installation, will be shown in three parallel beamer projections.