About projekt3drei


projekt3drei | team


Astrid Hansen | Project management, artistic conception, digital implementation

Annette Hünnekens | Artistic conception

Katrin Eschenberg Artistic conception, logistics, equipment


Project info

'projekt3drei' is a conceptual international project of the "Photography / Media Art" section of the GEDOK Karlsruhe and was founded in 2014 by the artists Astrid Hansen, Birgit Spahlinger and Katrin Eschenberg. The annual exhibitions of 'projekt3drei' take place in the gallery rooms of the GEDOK Karlsruhe.

'projekt3drei' is the umbrella term for planned or already completed art projects that work with the number three (e.g. three hours, three pictures, three motifs, three minutes, three days, three films, etc.) and our team consists of three artists.

For each project, people are invited to submit their own photographs or videos, depending on the topic. Sometimes all works are taken, sometimes there is a jury, depending on the respective concept. The artists react to the input, to the essence that can be extracted from the submitted images, and then present the works to the public in a specially created installation with large-scale projections. In this way, several creative levels intertwine.



All 'projekt3drei' art projects involve people who do not necessarily have to be artists or photographers, but who are enthusiastic about photography and the respective topic. This concept corresponds to the 'social‘ or 'global coherence' idea of togetherness, international networking and mindfulness. Participants of 'projekt3drei' can get to know each other personally at the vernissage. New contacts are made and people from all professions, young and old, can develop new creative ways of working together. 'projekt3drei' maintains contact with the participants even after the exhibitions have been completed and invites them back to the next projects. You can invite others to participate as well, including internationally. 'projekt3drei' also uses the internet for its projects and contacts via social media and its own website.