JUBILEE - 10 years 'projekt3drei'


2024 | Funnel of Happiness

The 'Funnel of Happiness' celebrated by the crowd in great weather outdoors.

Visualization created by the AI Canva, coined as the ‚Funnel of Happiness‘ by ChatGPT, 2023


2024  | Funnel of Happiness

In a world full of digital realities, where human and AI are intertwined, our world is reborn at a rapid pace:

Before us lies an open space of infinite possibilities, where reality and illusion naturally coexist.

Like in a fictional "funnel of happiness," transcending time and space, constantly pushing boundaries, and infusing digital reality with life,

Infinite inspirations and desires converge. Every day, millions of new ideas come to life and flow from this abundance of creativity.

The yearning for realization, manifested in this process, simultaneously gives rise to a multitude of programs and rules that seemingly pour indiscriminately over people's heads.

But less is more...

For the "funnel of happiness" opens up an exuberant abundance of multiple channels for self-expression and unfolding. Each individual moment becomes a masterpiece, reflecting uniqueness and individuality, although its fullness seems to sink into randomness and banality. 

Has the turning point between desires and reality already been reached?


In celebration of projekt3drei's ten-year anniversary, we warmly invite all photographers to capture with their cameras what the "funnels of happiness" of our time could be and what they bestow upon us.


CALL FOR TENDER 2024 | 10 years of projekt3drei   'FUNNEL of HAPPINSESS'


To celebrate the tenth anniversary of projekt3drei, we cordially invite everyone who takes photos to use their camera to capture what the 'happiness funnels' of our time could be and what they bring us.

From 12.05. to 26.05.2024, works created using the Kl may and should also be submitted.


Website: www.projekt3drei.com 


Prerequisite for participation: 

Image files in landscape format only 

Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixel

Format: JPEG, 72 dpi

Please write in the subject line: 

2024, name, place of residence, country, image title (if you wish) 


Please mark KI-generated picutures!


Submission period: 12 to 26 May (24:00) 2024

Send image files to: kontakt@projekt3drei.com


Further information


Anyone can submit a photography.

A jury will decide on the final selection. Legal recourse is excluded. A declaration of consent must be provided for persons depicted. 


The selected photos will be shown in an installation with large-format presentations. 

Exhibition opening: Saturday, 30.11.2024

Duration of the exhibition: 01.12.2024 - 22.12.2024


We look forward to receiving your submissions!