projekt3drei 2023 'Optimization?'

The pursuit of perfection





For almost 10 years now, projekt3drei has been inspiring people to comment on fundamental current topics and questions and to capture their current answer in photographs.

And so, every year, the submitted art pieces are viewed and linked by artists to form a common visual fabric, presented and artistically commented on.


The conceptual international project emerged from the 'Photography/Media Art' specialist group of the GEDOK Group (Society of German and Austrian Artists and Art Lovers), Karlsruhe. projekt3drei was founded in 2014 by the artists Astrid Hansen, Birgit Spahlinger and Katrin Eschenberg.

Since 2014, projekt3drei exhibitions have been held annually in the gallery rooms of the GEDOK Karlsruhe.


In the context of globalization, projekt3drei is striving for a long-term opening towards international cooperation with partner institutions, so that traveling exhibitions and live streaming can be enivsioned in future years.



All information can be found on our website