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'projekt3drei' is a conceptual project of the photography / video / digital media section of the GEDOK Karlsruhe and was founded in 2014 by the artists Birgit Spahlinger, Astrid Hansen and Katrin Eschenberg. The' projekt3drei' exhibitions take place annually in the gallery rooms of GEDOK Karlsruhe.

'projekt3drei' is the umbrella term for several planned or already executed art projects that deal with the number 3, for example, three hours, three pictures, three motifs, three minutes, three days, three films, etc.

For each project, people are invited to submit their own photographs or videos, depending on the call for proposals. Sometimes all submissions are accepted, at other times the accepted submissions are chosen by a jury.


Call for Submissions

As with the previous projects, there is again an open call for submissions to be included in the 2017 exhibition. Photography submissions from professionals as well as non-professionals are welcome.

The duality concept of 'black and white' is not only used in photography, but also in other areas such as thinking, communication, worldviews, and moral concepts. Essentially, it's about nuances and grey areas.


Submission requirements: The pictures must be black and white, and in landscape format. Up to three images can be submitted. The final selection will be decided by a jury.


Submissions: 23.10. - 31.10.2017 (24:00) to


The submitted photos will be shown in an installation of large image presentations.

In addition, 'projekt3drei' founders Birgit Spahlinger and Astrid Hansen are also participating in this year's project with a video work in collaboration with the sound artist Rüdiger Blank.